A beautiful word of  9 letters, expressing zillions of feelings, rejoining distinct expressions, mending broken ties, nearing elusive objects, and making all the prosaic varieties actual.

It is a word people use for the mother, who is enamored of her unborn child.

images (23)

Hey, isn’t it actually what people use for  ‘so in love’ soulmate?

images (25).jpg

Oh! I just remembered, isn’t an avid reader is enamored of those beautiful and passionate words and letters?

images (26)

There can be an infinite things, people are enamored of. But question here that comes to my mind is , Are you enamored of yourself? 

images (28)

Oh! Damn! you are not.

Alas! What would you do, in this world , where you aren’t even enamored of you?





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