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I sat under the tree, A pen and a book

Topic, damn elusive- A pain in the crook

Love, betrayal,beatitude, compassion

Be it Rain, heat, cold or an autumn

All these seemed just so common
Oh dear lord, need a new disorder

Juvenile passing by, capering in the rain

Oh! What a beautiful sight, but not of use shain.

Hey how about those juicy fruits, hanging above me,

Nahh, They are so tiny, not much of a glee.

Look over there, an earthworker, so much struggle man!

But how can I express his feelings, a flop is the plan.

Why not to think about the blood relations dude,

But written numerous muses, as if a daily food.

Last thing that came to my mind- Sun, cloud and Moon

But how would I make a rhyming of them just so soon?

Ears started bursting, oh dear phone is buzzing

Who the hell might be? Dare to disturb my thinking?

George was the name of my pathetic caller,

He told me, write about a thing where no need of a rhyme?

An effort of thinking for about an hour,

And I realised, what that idiot was talking over.

Let me start my work-my beautiful poem

For the phase that requires no sorts of  rhyme

Confusion is what lies on your face now,

Oh dear reader, I am talking about a life- A rhyming chaos!




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